Déjà Voodoo

Déjà Voodoo

We are closing in fast on the release of my new time travel novel Déjà Voodoo, and I’m excited to share it with you all. Look for it now on Amazon Kindle and CreatSpace for print copies

So I want to give you a little preview in the form of a book trailer. These are becoming more popular and are similar to movie trailers. I have written some scripts, asked some real Hollywood actor friends to read and record them, and I have sequenced them with appropriate videos and pictures to give you an idea of what’s in store in the novel. It wasn’t easy, and my son Matt was a great help in getting it all done.

My actor friends all came through in fine style, and all are listed on IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base.) They usually don’t work for free, so I had to promise them all a car if I am successful—so let’s get these fine folks a car. Please note—I said to each of them, “I’ll buy you all a car if I’m successful.” I didn’t say I would buy them EACH a car. So—one car. They all live in LA and I’ve heard carpooling is trendy. But seriously folks, they all said, “We don’t need no stinking car…we’ll do it.”

John Goff reads as Ben Collins, our protagonist. Catherine Battistone reads as Ben’s wife, Dani. Ben’s best friend and co-conspirator Jeff Dexter is read by Hartley Silver. Richard Jameson reads as LA FBI Director Frank Quimby—the joker in the deck. And, as in all stories, the joker’s wild.

Déjà Voodoo is not just an epic time travel tale. It is also a pop culture romp through the last half of the 20th century, culminating with the events of 9/11/2001. It begins with a bad birthday in 1956, and ends with the 2001 World Series. The book trailers give a clue to the relevant events occurring in the book. Can two young boys save JFK in November of 1963? RFK in ’68? What about the ever-present serial killers of the era? How do you convince people you can accurately predict the future…and how does this play out within the grand scale of the Universe? What will the Universe have to say about Ben’s meddling with the natural order of things?

Most importantly—can our heroes stop 9/11—this time around? Only time will tell…

Go here to view the Videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/muderboy1/videos



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