When I wrote my book, A Brief History of Time Travel, “Continuum” was in its first season and looked very promising, and I said so in the book. This fine Canadian import has recently wrapped up its four-season series in fine style, and the ending was truly spectacular. In my book, I also listed my top ten time travel tales of all time, and “Continuum” was too new to make the cut—but that has changed.

My number one time travel tale was “Fringe”, and it still is, but “Continuum” has come in now as a close second. This is a highly complex and extremely imaginative tale, as is “Fringe”—but “Fringe” still gets the nod because of its truly magnificent characters – like Walter and Peter Bishop, Olivia Dunham, and Astrid Farnsworth, among others. “Continuum” had some pretty great characters as well. Rachel Nichols as Keira Cameron, Erik Knudsen as young Alec Sadler, and Stephen Lobo as the joker in the deck, Matthew Kellogg—along with a host of others—played mostly by wonderful Canadian actors.

Both shows played it fast and loose with time travel, timelines, paradoxes and other impossible stuff that time travel brings to the table—and for the most part, made us believe it. Both shows had shortened last seasons, to wrap things up properly—which they both did famously. For those of you who would argue that one is better than the other, I say that we are blessed to have them both in our lives, and that great serial TV is like a very long movie, with better character development, and better story development as well.

Because these are both classics for the ages, I won’t post any spoilers. These two series will be discovered and enjoyed by many generations to come, and I wouldn’t want to spoil the fun.

I like to think that my upcoming time travel novel, Déjà Voodoo is just such a tale, and that will be a classic someday, too – with all its metaphysical suppositions, and a truly different look at the universe.continuum041


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